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    A misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge in Denton or Cooke County may be challenged because hemp is now legal in Texas. Hemp plants that have less than .3% THC are legal to possess. However, it is very difficult to tell the difference between the legal hemp and the illegal marijuana that has higher concentrations of THC.

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of Texas laws on marijuana possession, transportation, and cultivation is that different types of marijuana products are legally classified as different substances. The penalties of possession of marijuana leaves, oils and edibles can be quite different.

It is imperative to seek qualified legal representation when facing marijuana related charges in the state of Texas. Texas takes a particularly harsh view on marijuana, especially given the changes in attitude happening around the country. Do not expect leniency in anyway. Rather, prosecutors will come with as harsh of charges as they can.

If you are a college student, a marijuana related arrest can not only affect your ability to continue to be enrolled the program you are studying, but it will go on your permanent record and could also hinder your ability to work in your chosen field. This is even truer if the charges are felonies, which just requires having a single vape pen in your possession.

Rely on the experience, compassion, and legal knowledge of Gina Brock. Your education, your career, and your ability to provide for your family may be at risk. Gina will fight to protect your future and rights. She is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in Denton and Cooke counties and is eager to use her experience on your behalf. Don’t delay, reach out to Gina today. Deciding on the lawyer to retain to represent you may the most important decision you will ever make. Who you choose does make a difference. Consultations are free and Gina will help you discover more about your case which will in turn give you greater peace of mind.

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