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Gina has over 30 years of experience and has represented hundreds of clients that have been charged with drug crimes. Schedule a free consultation to hear all of your options.

Charged With A Drug or Marijuana Crime in Denton or Cooke County?

Have you been charged with a drug or marijuana crime in Denton or Cooke County? Lawmakers, law enforcement and prosecutors are under pressure to prove that they are tough on drugs.  Therefore, police and prosecutors spend significant time and resources in the prosecution of drug crimes.  Attorney Gina Brock defends people who have been accused of drug offenses.

Gina knows how to spot weaknesses in the government’s case. 

If you have are under investigation or have been arrested or charged with a drug crime, call her as soon as possible to discuss your case and gain valuable insight into your legal situation.  Every case has its own unique set of circumstances.  The details may be important in finding a defense strategy for your case.  Gina listens to her clients.  She knows how to spot weaknesses in the government’s case.  She has extensive experience handling criminal trials and she knows how to present a case to a judge and jury.  She will not back down from prosecutors and she is not afraid to go to trial.  Every client deserves a strong and aggressive defense.

Call the Law Office of Gina Brock to get help if you are accused of possessing, delivering or manufacturing drugs.

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