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After a Denton or Cooke County DWI arrest you may be feeling anxious and concerned.  You never thought you would be faced with the possibility of jail time, probation, a license suspension, or an ignition interlock device in your car.  A call to the Law Office of  Gina Brock is the best thing you can do to minimize the stress and uncertainty you are feeling.  Gina will take the time to explain each stage of the legal process to you and answer any questions you may have.  She is dedicated to providing you quality legal counsel and zealous representation.

If you have been arrested for DWI, two separate causes of action have been initiated against you.

There is a criminal case and a civil case:

The Civil Side

Many times the criminal case takes precedent while the civil case is paid little attention.  Unfortunately, there are strict time restraints that must be adhered to in order to maintain your driving privileges.  This is the case even if the prosecutor has offered you a plea bargain which allows you to keep your driver’s license.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is an administrative agency which holds the authority to grant driver’s licenses and take them away.  After an arrest for DWI, DPS will suspend your license if you refused to take the breath test or if you failed the breath test.  In order to maintain your driver’s license you MUST request a hearing within 14 days of your arrest.  Failure to act will result in an automatic suspension of your driving privileges.  Gina can file the necessary paperwork to request a hearing, postponing the suspension of your driver’s license until your case can be reviewed for legal and factual issues that can affect the outcome of your case.

Gina knows what to look for, what legal arguments work and how best to achieve results during the administrative license review hearing conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  This is a separate and distinct legal battle apart from the criminal case and must be dealt with immediately.  Any suspension by DPS is considered administrative or civil and cannot be overturned by the prosecutor or judge assigned to your criminal case.  The length of suspension is based on whether or not you took the breath test and your criminal history.  Gina can advise you on the length of suspension that you may be facing as well as the steps to take to get your license back.  She can also advise you on the availability of an occupational driver’s license for you.

You Only Have 14 Days To Protect Your Driver’s License After A DWI Arrest

The Criminal Side

The keys to the effective criminal defense of DWI are knowledge, experience and investigation.  Gina has the knowledge and experience to effectively and aggressively represent you in your DWI case.  One way in which she zealously represents her clients is limiting the evidence that can be used against them.  The first step is knowing what to look for.  Gina will analyze the stop, any search and/or seizure, the arrest, as well as the charging instrument, for any procedural or legal errors.

A drunk driving conviction can be a devastating event.  If you plead Guilty to DWI you could end up paying thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and higher insurance rates.

Given the harsh penalties, you should never plead guilty before talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At the Law Office of Gina Brock her focus is the best interests of her clients.  She strives to provide the highest quality DWI defense representation in Cooke and Denton counties.  Many individuals arrested for DWI find themselves in a situation that they do not fully understand.  She takes the time to listen to you and explain the legal ramifications of your case and come up with the best plan to resolve your case.  The DWI laws are becoming stricter and the punishments more severe.  It is extremely important that you have an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side.

Call the Law Office of Gina Brock today for help in understanding the confusing and harsh Denton & Cooke County DWI laws.

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