Weapons Crimes

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Are you being charged with having a gun or knife in your possession? Gina can help you. There are many defenses to weapons charges. To be convicted of unlawfully carrying a weapon the State is required to prove that you intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carried a handgun or knife on or about your person. The first thing Gina will assess is the search and seizure of the weapon. She will evaluate whether the law enforcement officer had the initial probable cause to come into contact with you and whether the finding of the weapon was legal.

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The government must follow strict guidelines when dealing with its citizens. Gina is well-versed in criminal law and criminal procedure and can evaluate whether the police made a mistake during the encounter. Furthermore, there are defenses to examine like the castle doctrine and the traveling defense. Gina will ask about details like whether you were in your home or car and whether the weapon was in plain view to determine whether you have a valid defense to your pending criminal charges.

Call Gina today for a free consultation. She will use her extensive knowledge of the law to find an effective defense strategy. She will fight aggressively to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. The provides that you can be subjected to jail time, fines, and loss of your weapon. Call Gina today.

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